What are your business hours?
We can be reached 7 days a week from 7am - 10pm. Just call 315-225-2712.  All messages are returned promptly.
Where are you located?
Our warehouse is located in Whitesboro NY.  It is "by appointment ony."  It has a showroom to view rental items, but it is not a store front where people can stop by at anytime.  The address is 342 Main St, Whitesboro, NY 13492

Do you deliver and pick up?
Yes.  All orders placed with Tent-All Rent-All are delivered to you. Tables and chairs are the only items that the customer can pick up from Tent-All Rent-All, as all other things require set up by us.

If you plan on picking up items, you need to make an appointment.  Our warehouse in not always manned at all times, and we need to know when you will be there to have the warehouse manned.

Delivery is based on distance.  Please call or email for delivery fee.

Deliveries are made to a convenient point for the delivery vehicle to park. Extra charges will result in deliveries to upstairs, elevator use, or any point where extra time is involved. Tables and chairs should be knocked down and stacked ready for pick up.  Additional fees will be applied if items are not returned in the same condition they were received.
Do you set up?
Yes. Tents, staging, lighting and dance floor prices include installation. Setup and take-down service is available (ex. tables, chairs, chair covers) at an additional cost. Make arrangements in advance, please.
When do you require payment?
All orders require at 25% deposit to be confirmed. It can be mailed in or called in with a credit card. The remainder of the balance is at delivery. Acceptable forms of payment include check, cash and credit.  Some more expensive luxury items may require a larger percent of a deposit.
What is your cancellation policy?
Reservations on most items can be cancelled at any time with a few exceptions. However, the 25% deposit is non-refundable.  Tent sidewalls and tent heaters cannot be cancelled within 14 days of the event.
What if I need to make changes to my order?
Minor changes to orders prior to the event are often expected, as the number of guests can frequently change. We recommend that you attempt to make any changes at least one week prior to delivery. We will make every effort possible to meet your needs.
Things to consider - Pole Tent vs. Frame Tent
Stake & Pole Tents are anchored into the ground around the perimeter of the tent. Tension is created by tying the tents poles firmly to the stakes in the ground. The peaks of these tents are created with tall center poles inside the tent. This style is common in back yards, parks or anywhere with an areas of grass that stakes can be driven in at least 3 feet deep.
Frame Tents are free-standing and are commonly used on asphalt, patios, decks and other areas where stakes cannot be driven into the ground. The tent top is strapped to the metal frame and the peak of the tent is created by the frame itself with no center poles.
Underground: The person renting a tent from Tent-All Rent-All must consider underground utilities as they make a decision between a pole tent or a frame tent. The most common underground issue is sprinkler systems. However, they are easily avoided. If underground utility locations are unknown and cannot be clearly marked, frame tents anchored with weights would be strongly recommended.